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How To Send Bold Or Italic Text On whatsApp

With more than two billion users around the world, “whatsApp” is the most popular massaging service around and billions of massages are sent every day.
The platform has long had Emoji options allowing users to add some colour and creativity to their chat, but it’s also possible to send massages in bold or Italic on whatsApp.
Not everyone knows how to do this, but it’s actually very simple and we will outline how this works right here in this whatsApp how to guide.
How Do You Type In Bold On whatsApp
Firstly, open up whatsApp and start typing a massage. The text will come up as normal, but by putting an asterisk ( * ) just before the first word you wish to bolden and just after the last word, your text in between will suddenly turn bold.
On andrAnd, it’ll even turn bold before you hit send. On iPhones, the text doesn’t show up as formatted before sending, but follow this step and hit send and your massage will then show up in bold in the chat.
How Do You Type In Italic on WhatsApp
When it comes to Italic text, the process is almost identical. This time, through , you need to put the underscore symbol ( ) before and after the first and last letters than you want to be specially formatted.
There are other formatted tricks on WhatsApp, that not everyone knows about it.
You can do strickthrough with the tilde ( ~ ) symbol or you can do monospace three backticks (“`)
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