How To Avoid Off Key When Singing – Kvocals Voice Coach! (Read More)

How To Avoid Off Key When Singing - Kvocals Voice Coach! (Read More)

How To Avoid Off Key When Singing - Kvocals Voice Coach! (Read More)

How To Avoid Off Key When Singing – Kvocals Voice Coach! (Read More)

Many people sing to while away their time. Some likewise are gifted with the ability to sing in perfect pitch or key. But not all can sing on key or perfect pitch. Yet, you should not worry if you cannot sing on key for you can also learn this skill.

• You can develop, for example, the ability to have a keen ear for notes so that you can perfectly sing them.

• Singing on key, however, is not only a matter of training your voice to sing in the right pitch. It also involves training your ear to enhance your hearing. It also involves learning how to identify notes.

• As a beginner, you cannot accurately hear yourself when you sing. Hence, you will need someone to tell you whether you are hitting the notes or not.

• You can also record your voice so that you can have an objective way of assessing your voice.

What Is The Relationship Between Pitch And Key?

• Pitch refers to the sound frequency that you or an instrument produce. It can be high or low. When you sing, for example, you enable your vocal cords to alter note frequencies.

• You do this by letting air pass along your vocal cords while constricting or relaxing your throat muscles.

• If you want to produce lower notes, for example, you usually loosen the resistance of your vocal cords. Yet, if you want to go higher, you apply more resistance to the flow of the air.

• When singing a song, however, you need to reproduce the notes. You should also maintain a nice tone while maintaining the right time signature or timing.

Techniques For Singing In Key

If you want to sing in key, you should learn the following useful techniques:

1. Use the Piano to Get the Right Key

• As mentioned above, learning how to sing in key also requires you to develop the keenness of your ear in distinguishing notes.

• As an exercise, you should try to memorize the sound of each note. Using the piano, you can then play a note within your range. Try to listen to it and remember the sound of the note, identifying the written note with its sound.

• Play the note a few times until its sound sinks into your subconscious mind. Then, try to hum the note repetitively until you memorize how it sounds.

2. Try to Improve Your Singing Pitch and Scales

• You can utilize a Major scale to improve your pitch recognition and be able to sing in key. You may be familiar with scales. A scale, of course, refers to a succession of notes, following a particular order based on pitch.

• It can be ascending or descending. You can start with the C Major scale because it does not come with flats and sharps. You can also try playing this scale on your instrument.

3. Choose A Key That Favors Your Natural Range

• A musical note has its perceived sound quality. This perceived sound quality is called “timbre.” A note may sound differently depending on which type of instrument that produces it.

• Timbre distinguishes these types of sound production. Timbre also helps listeners distinguish the source of the sound.

• Thus, if you want to sing on key, you need to establish the timbre of your voice. Remember that you can raise or lower the timbre of your voice. Yet, you should establish your voice timbre to make it easy for you to sing in key.

4. Listen To Your Voice

• You can never achieve perfect pitch if you do not hear yourself. So, one thing that factors well when singing in perfect pitch is that of hearing your voice. Without hearing your voice, you will never know if you are on the right pitch.

• You need to improve the keenness of your ear for each note. You can do this by focusing your hearing on your forehead’s middle.

• Your voice, aside from coming out of your mouth, also resonates in your skull. So, using your middle forehead, you can hear exactly the note you are hitting.

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